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Tuesday 22 September, 6.30pm-9.00pm
@ Kings Cross Library, 50 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point


CREATIVE PROS is an interactive arts forum for young people. Our September event, ARTS & NEW MEDIA features a panel of professional speakers in an interactive seminar with networking & discussion time. CREATIVE PROS is designed to assist you to take control of your creative future, provide a realistic view of the arts industry, give you tips on how to network and how to make a career in your chosen creative field. This free event is aimed at providing answers to all of those burning questions you have about ARTS & NEW MEDIA!

Find out how these tech-heads developed meaningful projects in the field of NEW MEDIA ARTS:

Nick Wishart 1Nick Wishart
Nick Wishart’s main area of artistic practice is music, sound, video and multimedia by adapting and re-purposing existing and emerging domestic technologies and intuitive physical interfaces to create new audio/visual interfaces. Wishart combines his skills in electronics, interactive devices, audio-visual production and circuit bending to create interactive multi-media installations and circuit bent instruments that form the basis of the all toy band Toydeath. Wishart was instrumental in the development of CeLL, a MIDI-controlled Pneumatic Orchestra, which is an on-going collaboration with Miles van Dorrsen. CeLL is an automatic music machine encased in a 20ft shipping container. Wishart is also accomplished in the fields of Composition, Sound Design and Music Technology with over 20 years experience writing, playing and recording music for live theatre and moving image.


Shell Osborne
My name is Michelle, I make games. In saying that; I do every facet of game creation. I program, model, texture, animate and design. My real passion is programming, I love to make my systems as efficient as possible, focusing on modular design and elegant use of syntax – It excites me! I do however also like to use my unique blend of skills to merge the disciplines together and create polished, unique (and a little odd) games. I’ve been in to in building games my whole life, ever since I should have been doing my homework in highschool. I have worked on a multitude of projects, recreationally and for profit, I recently created the world’s first 3D open RPG on smartphones. When something is believed to be impossible, I like to question that. Apart from games design; I also am passionate about travel, street culture and art. All of which I take as inspiration for my projects.

Grace KingstonGrace Kingston
Grace Kingston is a Sydney based artist living in working in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville. She conducted all her formal study at the College of Fine Arts (University of New South Wales). In her undergraduate degree she trained in painting and drawing, however, during her Honours year she branched out into installation, sculpture, photography and new media. Kingston has exhibited widely, both locally and abroad, including New York, Finland and Germany. She was the recipient of the COFA travelling scholarship in 2011 and the Marrickville council public artwork award in 2012, as well as the Marrickville Independent Artist Grant in 2014. Her work ‘You Are Here’ exhibited at Newtown’s Archive Space in 2013, investigates Facebook check-ins. Grace teamed up with a programmer friend, Nic Cope, to monitor the check-ins of friends on her Facebook feed. He wrote a web-based script that pulled data from AppEngine, Python, Twitter Bootstrap and the Facebook Graph API, allowing Kingston to view every check-in ever made by her friends, hand counting to avoid duplicates and compiling it into a dataset. This data was then used to create a multi-media installation that physically mapped these check in’s. “I’m exploring this because the presence of social media has become ubiquitous in contemporary culture. Yet despite being able to socialise with anyone, in any corner of the globe, we still long to ‘be’ somewhere. It is this desire that has lead to the rise of the check-in on Facebook, Foursquare and other social media sites. Usually accompanied by a picture and text, these updates serve as largely rhetorical acts of promotion and records of a person’s life, broadcast to an ambiguous audience. Consequently, they become an interesting reflection on the social trends and culture of an area. In reference to Sydney’s inner-west, I have acted as an artist-anthropologist, studying the city as it is seen in the real world, and as it is seen through the screen. To do this I have created three works to investigate each facet of a check-in: the place, the picture and the text. In doing so I hope to better understand where I am located culturally, and in the art world.”

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