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Using the creative process, the children’s program at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre aims to focus children’s energies towards developing skills through a range of arts practices and experiences. Pine Street understands the importance of nurturing a child in their art development and that through art a child can gain self confidence and a sense of achievement.

*Please note that when booking some classes run twice, so make sure you check the dates of the programs

Bookings opened at 10am on Tuesday 16th December 2014

Starting from Term 1 2015, we have a new online booking system. Secure online payment is via Moshtix.  We strongly suggest you set up an account with them before booking day, to increase your chances of securing a place in our very popular program.

To book in: (when Bookings open on the 16th December) Simply select the course below that you wish to enroll in, and click on the drop down ticketing box to the right of the listing. There is a limit of two classes per week per child. Once you have selected your ticket, and if you already have an account set up with Moshtix, you will be asked to log in, then directed to the Moshtix secure payment site.

Payment Methods: Payment is by VISA, Mastercard and PayPal. If you prefer to pay in person, there are Moshtix outlets that you can visit. The staff there will book your place online for you (if there are spaces available) and take your payment. Or call Moshtix customer service on 1300 438 849 (or 1300 GET TIX), open 9am-7pm weekdays and 9am-5pm Saturdays.

Waitlists: If the course is full, you won’t be able to select a ticket (it will show the tickets as “Allocation Exhausted”). If you would like to be placed onto a waitlist, email a request to with the full details of the course, including title, day and start time.


Every year that your child attends programs at Pine Street, you must submit a new Childrens Annual Registration Form


We request that you read the Parent’s Handbook for very important information about your children attending classes at Pine Street.

School Holiday Program 2015 5 - 8's

Pine Street school holiday program 5 – 8′s 2015

Action Painting
(5-8′s)action painting 2
Painting with Susan Baran

Monday 12th Jan 2015
Franz Kline was known as an abstract expressionist who created dynamic abstract action paintings. Using acrylic paint on canvas you’ll explore the possibilities of action painting for yourself.

Inks and Tones (5-8′s)inks and tones
Drawing with Adrian Baiada 
Tuesday 13th Jan 2015
Exploring the work of Marlene Dumas’s ink portraits you’ll create loose portraits of family members or interesting strangers in magazines, much like Marlene does.  Learning about ink drawing, collage and tonal variations you’ll create amazing images you never thought possible.

Pop Art Still Life (5-8′s)pop art still life
Collage with Susan Baran
Wednesday 14th Jan 2015
Tom Wesselmann was a famous American Pop artist who used the technique of collage to construct his quirky artworks. Using recycled materials and magazines you’ll create our own Pop Art still life.

Safari Paper Craft (5-8′s)zebra
Craft with Laura Murray

Thursday 15th Jan 2015
Go on an adventure with this safari-themed paper craft class. Use painting, drawing and paper craft skills to create animal masks, paper animal puppets and a safari-themed backdrop so you can put on your own safari puppet show!

Safari Paper Craft (5-8′s) zebra
Craft with Laura Murray

Monday 19th Jan 2015
Go on an adventure with this safari-themed paper craft class. Use painting, drawing and paper craft skills to create animal masks, paper animal puppets and a safari-themed backdrop so you can put on your own safari puppet show!

Scratch Board Prints (5-8′s)
scratch board
Printmaking with Rebecca Baird
Tuesday 20th Jan 2015
Children will be guided through the rewarding process of making their own book. Learning folding and gluing to construct a concertina book, with a scratch board cover with prints & stories inside.

Pop Up! (5-8′s)pop up
Craft with Chris Tamm

Wednesday 21st Jan 2015
Make a variety of booklets for gifts and artist journals. Experiment with pop up books, fabric covers, binding methods and more. After making several books students will select one as a journal to fill with drawings and collage.

Dreamscapes (5-8′s)dreamscapes
Printmaking with Susan Baran
Thursday 22nd Jan 2015
Swiss born artist Paul Klee’s works often had a fragile childlike quality to them.  With scratch board you will create our own prints just like Paul Klee.

header 9 - 12's

School Holiday Art Program 9 – 12′s 2015

Art and Time (9-12′s)art and time
Drawing with Adrian Baiada
Monday 12th Jan 2015
Exploring the playfulness of art, students will be encouraged to create a surreal narrative based on their own personal experiences. While practicing the art of problem solving and composition they’ll produce a surreal art work that represents times ephemeral nature of experience and memory.

Abstraction (9-12′s)abstraction
Painting on Canvas with Susan Baran

Tuesday 13th Jan 2015
Kandinsky painted lively colourful abstract masterpieces. Looking as his use of colour and composition you will create your own abstract masterpieces using acrylic paints on canvas.

Monster Plushies (9-12′s)plushies
Craft with Laura Murray
Wednesday 14th Jan
Tap into your imagination and make a monster plushie! In this class, we’ll create our very own monster characters and then use felt, glue and basic sewing techniques to bring it them life as an adorable (or maybe ferocious?) monster plushie.

LOVE (9-12′s)love
Printmaking with Susan Baran

Thurday 15th Jan 2015
American artist Robert Indiana’s best known artwork is the word ‘LOVE’ arranged in a square with a tilted letter O. Arranging the letters L O V E in your own way you will create our own versions of this well known artwork and create your very own prints.

Tessellate! (9-12′s)tessellate
Drawing with Craig Bunkwaa

Monday 19th Jan 2015
Looking at the work of M C Escher you’ll discover the world of tessellation and create your own images using shapes that interlock. You’ll also learn about the math behind hexagons and create your very own hexaflexagons.

Drawing on the Wrong Side of the brain (9-12′s)drawing on the wrong side of the brain
Print making with Craig Bunkwaa
Tuesday 20th Jan 2015
A day of experimental art processes and drawing games. This class aims to release your inner artist through different art methods. Finally drawings will be turned into prints on a canvas bags.

Sun Prints (9-12′s)sun
Printmaking With Rebecca Baird
Wednesday 21st Jan 2015
Solar plate is a versatile and safe way to make prints. Create beautiful drawings and expose them onto a light sensitive printing plate. You can create hand printed gift cards, art prints and postcards.

Jewelry (9-12′s)jewellery
Jewelry With Alida Capelletta

Thursday 22nd January
By experimenting with a variety of textured material like lace, mesh, paper stencils and much more, students can transfer these patterns directly onto a metal surface to create a stunning final ring or pendant in sterling silver.

Hop to it! (9-12′s)hope to it
Watercolour with Susan Baran
Friday 23rd January 2015
American artist Edward Hopper loved to paint the sea. We will look at his paintings and create our own watercolour version. You’ll discover amazing watercolour techniques that will amaze!

header digital


Digital Illustration (9-12′s)
Digital Art with Henry Kingdigital illustration
Monday 12th Jan 2015
Exploring the work of some of the today’s top digital artists in the industry, you’ll learn some of their secrets to create your own amazing images in Photoshop.

The Animation Show (9-12′s)the animation show
Animation with Craig Bunkwaa.

Tuesday 13th Jan 2015
Be part of Pine Street’s Animation Show. Looking at the work of chuck jones and don hertzfeldt you’ll learn how to create funny animated skits that will become part of the show.

Reimaging old photos (9-12′s)reimagining old photos
Digital Art with Craig Bunkwaa
Wednesday 14th Jan 2015
Using pre-existing old photos from the past you’ll use Photoshop to reimagine these images. Learning skills in compositing, colourization and collage you’ll create convincing images that will have your friends scratching their heads.

Photoshop mixed bag (9-12′s)photoshop mixed bag
Digital Art with Henry King

Thursday 15th Jan 2015
Love Photoshop? What to learn more? Then this is the class for you. Learning some skills used by the professionals you’ll learn some amazing digital manipulation techniques.

Ghost Photography (9-12′s)Ghost Photography
Digital Photography with Chris Tamm

Monday 19th Jan 2015
Fake ghost photography was so prolific around the end of the 19th century it helped to debunk centuries of superstition. With simple make up and props, students will take photographs then use in Photoshop to create illusion of supernatural encounters.

DIY Pop Culture (9-12′s)DIY pop culture
Digital Art with Chris Tamm

Tuesday 20th Jan 2015
Digital Badge and sticker Making – students will design their own badges on computer template and make them into functional small badges to collect, sell or wear. The same designs or new ones can be made into sticker sheets to decorate schoolbooks, swap or sell.

Expanding album covers (9-12′s)expanding album covers
Digital art with Craig Bunkwaa

Wednesday 21st Jan 2015
Using Photoshop you’ll expand on some of your favorite album and video covers. Using a pre-existing image to start from, you’ll use amazing Photoshop skills to manipulate and expand the images.

Mr Product (9-12′s)
Thursday 22nd Jan 2015mr product
Digital Art with Chris Tamm

Wednesday 21st Jan 2015
Make your own Fake Products – from simple templates students will design a can label and simple box. Students can invent own imaginary products as artworks, novelties or jokes.

Digital Illustration  (9-12′s)
Digital Art with Henry Kingdigital illustration
Friday 23rd Jan 2015
Exploring the work of some of the today’s top digital artists in the industry, you’ll learn some of their secrets to create your own amazing images in Photoshop.



Closed Toed Shoes: It is a Health and Safety requirement that students attending courses at Pine Street must wear closed-toed shoes at all times. Students arriving with open-toed shoes will not be allowed entry to the studios.

Code of Conduct: Children are inducted into the Centre’s rules of behavior at the start of each course. Children are not to disrupt the learning of other students. Continued enrolment is conditional on children’s behaviour in class.

Sick Students: Sick children cannot be allowed into workshops. Please do not bring your child to class if they are ill. If a staff member identifies a student is unwell, parents will be called to collect their child.

Parents in Studios: Parents cannot remain in the studio once workshops have commenced.

Duty of Care: Federal Government Duty of Care laws state that under no circumstances must staff find themselves alone with a child. It is not possible for Pine Street to provide extra staff if your child arrives early or is picked up late, so it is important that students and parents adhere to our program operating hours.


Student Cancellations: Cancellations made up to two weeks before the course starts will incur a 25% administration fee. Cancellations made within two weeks of the course starting will not be refunded. Once classes have started, missed classes are the student’s responsibility and students are not eligible for a refund or credit.

Centre Cancellations: The Centre makes every effort to ensure advertised courses run. However the Centre reserves the right to alter the program either before or during the course and to cancel any program if insufficient enrolments are received. A full refund will be provided.

No “Make Up” Classes: It is the student’s responsibility if they miss a class. We cannot accommodate an extra person in a class that they have not booked into. Not only is a Health and Safety risk but it impacts negatively on the tutor and other students who are booked into that class.