Outreach Program

Photo of Mario in printmaking studio

Mario, from the Accessible Arts program

Pine Street runs an extensive Outreach program, providing creative and capacity-building opportunities to marginalised individuals and groups. By understanding the needs of the various client groups, the Centre is able to develop and deliver specialised visual art programs for a wide range of people. The Centre’s qualified tutors are experienced in working with Outreach groups, with programs run onsite at the Centre or off-site at partner organisation’s facilities.

Pine Street understands the diverse needs of its many stakeholders, and responds to this challenge by respecting the varying priorities of the Centre’s partners.The Outreach programs are developed in consultation with relevant groups and organisations to meet specific needs within the community. They aim to act as seeding programs with the intent that partner organisations will eventually seek to gain funding through other avenues to continue in an independent, ongoing capacity.

Pine Street works in partnership with up to 20 partners at any given time (private and public sector), with the current Outreach partner organisations including Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, Eastern Respite Centre, Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, Blokes Business, Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, The Bridge at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Northcott Estate and the Department of Housing, Guthrie House, Glebe House, Hope Street Glebe, Connections Aboriginal Women’s Art Therapy Group, the Ella Centre and Rainbow Lodge.

For more information on the Outreach program, please call Phil Relf on 9245 1504, or email prelf@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au