Pine Street Creative Arts Centre has a diverse panel of professional artists with substantial experience in specific art practices, as well as backgrounds in teaching and working with different communities.

Craig Bunker

Digital & Mixed Media Tutor
BA (Drawing, Painting, Digital)bunkwaa bio

Craig is the uncanny Bunkwaa. A beloved Street Artist, desirable alien and light-bearer of laughter. His iconic style of art is ubiquitous in the inner west scapes of Sydney & Adelaide. For Bunkwaa, placing his art in different
environments is about reacting and responding to what is around us, making the familiar unfamiliar. Plus, the extra elbow room is fantastic for an artist who creates a copious amount of art. As for the unearthly characters and creatures
he creates, they are believed to be entities that live hidden in the folds of this dimension; feeding off the energy that flows from human emotions and desires.

Rebecca Baird
Senior Printmaking Tutor & Studio Technicianbec
BVA (Printmaking & Painting), Dip Business

Rebecca pursued her teacher training in Rudolf Steiner education based on the philosophy of Anthroposophy. This is a holistic approach, which focuses on the development of ages and stages of the child and the importance of creativity in education. Whilst studying, she worked at Warringah print making studio as a teacher of non-toxic and traditional printmaking techniques.

As a tutor of printmaking and painting, Rebecca encourages her students to explore their talents as artists using an experimental approach to produce their own work. She has exhibited in group and solo shows and completed commissioned works for both corporate and private institutions.

Anthony Brink

Senior Ceramics Tutor & Studio Technician

BVA (Honours), Grad Dip (Teaching)Ant

Anthony’s professional experience includes: Mould-maker at KC Day in Sydney; Assistant to sculptor and multimedia artist Frederic Chapeaux; Apprentice to ceramic artist Gwyn Hanssen Pigott; and a production thrower in Errol Barnes’ Lyrebird Ridge Pottery. Since the late 1980’s he has worked independently as a studio based potter, and was artist-in-residence at the Queensland Potters Association in Brisbane. He coordinated community adult education programs, began exhibiting in and around Brisbane and generated a national market for his work.

Anthony currently runs the Fireant Ceramic Art and Design studio in Mt Victoria, Blue Mountains and has worked as a part time teacher in ceramics since 2005. His sustained creative practice informs his teaching, currently with COS at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre.

Vanessa Owens

Ceramics & Mixed Media Tutorvanessa
BFA (Ceramics), Dip (Fine Arts), Cert (Studio Ceramics)

Vanessa Owens has been working as a community and practising artist for over 8 years. Fields of expertise include tutoring adults, children and community outreach programs. With a strong interest in site-specific art works, Vanessa has also taken part in many community art events including the Art Traffic Signal Box Project, Love your Lane, and Harmony Day exhibitions.

As a Ceramist she continues her practice and has participated in various exhibitions within Sydney and abroad. She is experienced in both hand building and wheel throwing ceramics. Primarily working in porcelain, Vanessa enjoys using historical and traditional material in a contemporary context.

Jane Caveney

Painting & Drawing Tutor
BVA, MA (Visual Arts)jane

“What defines reality as we understand it is the physical presenceof an object, its height, its breadth, and width. The object also is defined by where it isn’t. In other words it’s the space around reality, which grants to reality its validity. When one looks at a tree one sees the branches and leaves. So as one concentrates on the sky around the tree, it is the place where the tree is not that allows one to define precisely where the tree is.” Jane Caveney

Jane has been an exhibiting artist for 15 years in Sydney and NSW. She has created and run youth workshops, art classes and community educational projects, using art, environmental sustainability and recycling as the major themes. For many years Jane has enjoyed working with the Mascon festival from running workshops to designing posters.

Chris Tamm

Digital Photography & Mixed Media Tutorchris t
BA with Hons

Chris Tamm is an award winning photographer and youth publisher  with 20 years experience in political and street art campagns. Chris has done work for organisations such as Amnesty, Greenpeace, Unions and YWCA as well as comic studios working with titles such as Batman and Lost in Space.

He has managed multiple festivals and curated hundreds of art events. Chris is a firm believer that
art is an activity not a thing and enjoys coaching people from all walks of life to make their own art.

Evan Wills

Ceramics Tutor
BVA (Ceramicss), Grad Dip (Visual Arts)

Evan worked as assistant to Japanese/Australian ceramacist, Mitsuo Shoji, for five years and taught ceramics at Strathfield Regional Community College for ten years.

Evan has exhibited functional, sculptural and installation based ceramics as well as drawing, digital art and furniture in over 30 exhibitions in the last 15 years. He is keenly interested in creative expression through form and function and helping people learn to create and express themselves through ceramics.

Susan BaranSusan Baran

Printmaking Tutor
BVA (Printmaking)

Susan studied at the National Art School majoring in printmaking and did Post Graduate studies at City Art Institute (now COFA) and then further studied at Sydney College of the Arts. She is a member of Sydney Printmakers, Warringah Printmakers and Primrose Paper Arts. She exhibits her work regularly in Australia and overseas with both printmaking and artist books.

Robert Ives

Printmaking Tutor
RobertBVA (Printmaking)

Robert Ives majored in printmaking at the National Art School, he has been teaching printmaking since 1992 at other art centres. He has experience in many art forms which allows him to draw on a broad skills base.

Robert says ” Art is my love, Teaching is my joy.”

Cita Diadone

Ceramics Tutor
CitaBA Education (Visual Arts)

Cita has worked as a Visual Arts Educator for more than twenty years teaching in a variety of Sydney schools at both secondary and primary levels. As an
art educator Cita teaches across a number of disciplines including drawing, collage, printmaking, sculpture, painting and art appreciation.

As a tutor of Ceramics at Pine St, Cita encourages her students to nurture their potential and to express their creative dreams in the magical material of clay.

Alida Cappelletta

Silver Jewellery Tutor
AlidaBVA (Jewellery), BFA (Jewellery, Painting)

Alida Cappelletta graduated from Sydney College of the Arts majoring in Jewellery and Metal and also studied at RMIT in Gold and Silversmithing. She also has a painting background after completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Curtin University in Perth. Alida is currently a resident and Studio Manager at Gaffa Gallery Studios in Sydney.

Alida’s work is primarily influenced by forms within her natural environment. Her personal collection of found objects bares natures hidden and effortless beauty. Botanical forms with rich surface texture and geometric patterns filter through her current body of work.

Kath Ellis

Jewellery & Mixed Media Tutor
Kath EllisBFA (Jewellery/Silver Smithing)

Kath Ellis is a Sydney based artist. She has worked making large structures and running educational workshops for many festivals and events. Kath currently works with Pine Street doing outreach art workshops. She has much experience teaching and facilitating art projects with many different groups. Kath also works as a freelance sculptor and is currently working with Erth making large puppets
and props.

Rachel Dickson

Digital Photography & Mixed Media Tutor
RachelBVA (Photography)

Rachel is a Sydney College of the Arts Graduate and an exhibiting artist who has a passion for all areas of the arts. For the past 7 years Rachel has been involved in organizing and coordinating numerous arts and
music events both in Australia and internationally. It is this experience combined with her love for teaching which lead her to start a small business called Strawberry Fortress, which runs Children’s art classes and birthday parties. Rachel believes it is important to feel inspired and to
inspire others through her art practice, teaching art is a fantastic way to achieve this principle!

Nicole Eggers

Mixed Media Tutor

  • Masters of arts degree in printmaking
  • Bachelor of fine art
  • Post technician in printmaking
  • Diploma of fine art

Nicole is a an Arts Facilitator with many years of community experience. She is a practising artist with a focus on drawing/collage, printmaking, and painting. She finds that through the making of art, people have a chance to declare what is important to them and achieve a sense of accomplishment to encourage their personal dreams and values

Adrian Baiada

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Henry King

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Chris Retallack

Sculpture & Mixed Media Tutor
BVA (Painting), BA (Education)

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